foldy | liquid luck

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my friend sent me a link to a track a while back and asked if I could do something with it.

the track reminded me of underwater worlds, so i decided to make a clip combining elements of my vj-ing with underwater archive footage.

somehow i went from underwater and ended up in outer space, these things happen i suppose…

you can get great archive footage that is in the public domain from, there’s all kinds of great stuff from vj loops to scientific video and experimental videos spanning the history of film, good times


blog, blog, blog

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I’ve always loved music and wanted to be involved somehow, my two left ears have made that difficult. I decided to study media production with the goal of making music videos. VJ-ing provides me with a platform where I can essentially create music videos (animations) live.

Vjing is an interesting hobby. Since starting out in Canberra I soon realised that there weren’t too many other VJ’s out there, every VJ is different and not many people really know what it involves. The fact that myself and most other VJ’s are self taught results in many different performing styles and techniques.

I’ve had some memorable experiences having had the opportunity to perform alongside some amazing musicians including Ganga Giri, Endorphin and Kalya Scintilla.

Original interests in VJ-ing came from a passion for music. I have used the skills and techniques I have learned from it to have non-music related performances as well. In 2010 I collaborated on an award winning Sydney Fringe Festival performance and had an installation at The Australian Centre For Photography.

Evolving as a VJ has been quite the experience! I now perform under the name ‘Jeronimo’ and have made a facebook page for both my vj-ing, videos and photography.

While perhaps not a lucrative one, VJ-ing is a passion I can see myself pursuing for a while.

you can’t buy love

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A film… (it’s a love story)

atomic art

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hey hey,

a friend of mine, mr dave mankey, makes some crazy art, its screen prints of microscopic images of silicon crystal , you can check him out here.

he’s given me some images to work with when vj ing, should be fun…

some videos are now online

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hey, it has taken me some time to post again, i’ve been busy changing things about my life. anyway enough rambling, here’s a link to my vimeo account where you can see some films;
jeremy’s films

I was going to be lazy

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I found a National Geographic collection called “Life in Color” which has a series of galleries, one for each colour, here’s a link to the green one.

National Geographic | Life in Color: Green